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A Dodge College Senior Thesis Film

Goal: $10,000



A young woman wakes up in a coffin in a desolate wasteland. Wanting to find her way home, she follows the guidance of a mysterious Bishop who sends her on a surreal journey where she must learn to face the fears that trapped her in this realm.



Erebus is a story that has been influenced by many other works of art, ranging from the surreal films of Alejandro Jodorowsky, to classical works like “Dante’s Inferno”, and more contemporary pieces like the mini-series “Over the Garden Wall”. What these all have in common is their ability to showcase the mental and physical descent of their characters through a surreal visual journey. 


This is something we want to emulate with Erebus, as we believe that visually-driven storytelling can convey a deep understanding about the characters and their insecurities beyond words. This is a very personal story at its core, presenting themes about faith, fear, and power that all people can relate to.

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Anna Christensen


Beatrice is a lost soul on a quest to escape the wasteland she woke up in. Her experience with The Bishop will determine whether she has what it takes to accomplish this goal.





A personal letter of special thanks signed by the director and producer!


An Official "Erebus" Sticker


An Official "Erebus" Poster


Your name in the “Special Thanks” section of the credits, as well as an IMDb credit to your name! You’d get a personal link to our BTS photos too!


A piece of jewelry worn in the film! These are all handmade pieces built specifically for each character, so they each contain a backstory and purpose to their design. Part of the proceeds from this prize will go towards supporting the independent artists who donated their time and skills towards making these props.


You will receive a personal tour of the Orange County tunnel systems from our director, Will Ammann. The tunnels of Orange have a rich and vibrant culture, and are one of the best-kept secrets of Southern California. Don’t miss this once in a lifetime opportunity!


You can have a free dinner date with the director and producer. Whichever appeals more.


You’ll receive an “Executive Producer” credit on the film and be featured in both our credits and on our IMDb page!



Because this film is so visual, we need a location that will sell this strange world we’re creating. This is why we’re shooting at the Salton Sea, a place with deserts covered in fish skeletons and strange obelisk-like art pieces along it’s beaches. It’s the perfect location to tell this story, but because it’s a three hour drive from our school, we’d need to stay a whole weekend in the desert. Your donation will help us pay for housing, food, water, permits, and safety equipment we’d need to make this film happen!

Another challenge with this type of film is making sure the characters and production design are able to convey the surreal world of the story. We’re aiming for a gothic western style of costuming for the world (think if Clint Eastwood was in “Mad Max”), so getting the materials necessary to make this possible is a high priority. Beyond the main characters, we also have to costume an entire eyeless cult, which will require a ton of materials (both with makeup and costume) that your donations would allow us to purchase!



Will Ammann

Director, Co-Writer

Will Ammann is a Senior Film Production Major at Chapman University. With Erebus, Will is looking to experiment further with gothic surrealism and create a strange but personal story that can bring more of an audience into this style of filmmaking. He's excited to have this opportunity to create such a vibrant and ambitious story with his Senior Thesis Film.